P.R.O.M.I.S.E Award

February 26, 2019 | Written by

The Promise Award was given to a chapter that has outstanding accomplishments in the following areas:
P – Programs of Service
The chapter must have developed and implemented a program activity in one or more of the current administration’s targets.
R – Retention of Members
The chapter must have developed a model program for retaining members and has retained over 90% of their new members over a five-year period.
O – Chapter Operations – The chapter must show evidence of a needs assessment, goal setting, planning and evaluation.
M – Mentoring Program – The chapter has established a mentoring program with an undergraduate chapter or a mentoring program within their chapter.
I – Innovations in Going Green – The chapter has initiated a program that promotes saving the environment or saving energy.
S – Sisterly Relations- The chapter has sponsored a program or event that promotes Sisterly Relations
E – Educational Advancement – The chapter must have 100% membership in the Educational Advancement Foundation.